Laing Autocirc Recirculation Pump

Laing Autocirc Recirculation Pump

Part Number: E1-BCANCT1W-06 87487
Price: $400.00 each
57 Available

Product Description

Laing E1-BCANCT1W-06 Hot Water Recirculating "Recirc" Pump"

  • Replaces Model ACT-303-BTW
  • Laing Catalog Number LHB08100092

Not For Use with Instantaneous Tankless Water Heaters!

  • For Under Sink Installations
  • Install Under Furthest Sink from Water Heater
  • Does not require a return line
  • Packaged with a 6 ft. long power cord, Mounting Bracket & Mounting Screws
  • Built-In 24 hour timer
  • Saves the average family of four up to 17,000 gallons of water annually

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